Ritzas Jima

My beloved Jima
Born May 14th 1991
Breeder, Ingela Johansson, Uppsala

Jima is her fathers daugther in many aspects. In 1991 Rayyan was mated to three bitches;  Ritzas Hamingja, Ibinores Evi and Shamali Walda-al-Alaq and when I travelled around to see the three litters I  decided that Jima was then one  that I  wanted.  As a puppy Jima just have the expression and a very nice head like her father with a good shoulder and depth in body with good hindquarters and of course when looking at her; the overall balance without exaggerations. With  movement almost like her father she was the one, out of those three litters, taking her champion titel very easily. She grown up to be a lovely Saluki lady with a sweet and friendly temperament.  When Jima, in almost five years, lived as the only dog in the household she turned out to be a very obedient Saluki. She was a very good teacher for Fasqiya and showed her the right way to get as much freedom as possible for a Saluki. To come when your master is calling! 

Some highlights from the showring

Jima was just missing one CACIB in either Finland or Denmark to gain her international championtitel. Sadly to say, but because of personal reasons, I just didn´t have the time or effort to travelled so far in those years this was an actuality. 

1993 -
At the age of two years Jima gained her championtitel with 3 Reserv CACIB and 3 BOS. 
"Sound as a bell and so true to type so she really fills my eye" - René Mattheuwsen, Luleå 1993.

"Very impressive bitch. Quality from nose to tail. Head like a moviestar. Very nice movement. She is gorgeous" - Regina Tromp-Pruyn, Nordmaling 1993.

1995 -
At three international shows Jima won 3 CACIB and 2 Best of breed and 1 BOS.

2002 -
Jima entered the veteran class at SKK international show in Vännäs and won Best Saluki Veteran and 5th Best Bitch out of 22 entries. 
" 11 years silver grizzle bitch still breathtaking quality in her long legged supreme outlines" - Regina Tromp-Pruyn, Vännäs 2002. 
In July at Tammsvik Jima won Best Veteran Bitch and in the competition for best movement. Judge was Mr Jean-Louis Grünheid, France.


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